Accident at work in Polish law

An employee injured as a result of an accident at work is entitled to claim appropriate compensate. As accident at work should be understanded the sudden event caused by an external factor, that causes injury or death, which occurred in connection with work:
– during or in connection with the performance of normal activities or instructions of superiors,
– during or in connection with the performance by an employee acting to the benefit of the employer, even without instructions,

- during the time when employee remains at the disposal of the employer on the way between the employer’s office, and the place of performance of the obligation arising from the employment relationship.


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Reimbursement of the litigation costs by the partners of the registered partnership

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Partner of a registered partnership, who has fulfilled pecuniary benefit in favour of the creditor of such partnership, is entitled to demand from another partner of this partnership reimbursement of the corresponding part of paid pecuniary benefit, including litigation costs, unless the partner effectively raise the objection of the faulty proceeding by the defendant partner. Above statement complies with the Supreme Court’s resolution of 28 February 2013 (signature: III CZP 108/12).






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Limited partnerships still not covered by CIT


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During preparation of draft of law amending The Corporate Income Tax Act limited partnerships have been excluded with the planned covering  by the duty of paying CIT since 2014. However, limited joint-stock partnerships are liable to pay income tax from 1 January 2014. According to current regulations, limited partnerships do not pay corporate income tax (CIT), and therefore only after the receipt of dividends shareholders are required to pay personal income tax (PIT).

Unfortunately, the covering limited joint-stock partnerships by CIT cause loss of their attractiveness for investors who – as general partners of these companies – will bear the subsidiary, but unlimited liability for the obligations of the company and in addition they will be subject of double taxation of profits.





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Advantages of the proceeding before the Voivodship Commission for Deciding on Medical Events

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The undeniable advantage of redress proceeding before the Voivodship Commission is the low cost of initiation of such procedure – the fee amounts 200 zł. It should be remembered that in the case of a civil action, these costs are much higher. As a rule the court fee amounts 5% of the amount requested damages specified in the lawsuit.

The advantage is also lesser formalism of proceeding. The injured party should only substantiate the circumstances justifying the existence of a medical event. There is no need to prove guilt of hospital staff in improperly granted health benefits. In addition, the Voivodship Commission has a time limit in hearing the case which last four months.





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Decision issued by Voivodship Commission for Deciding on Medical Events

do bloga wybranyAfter carrying out the procedure to clarify all the circumstances connected with the damage Voivodship Commission is obliged to issue a decision by which the states if a medical event occurred or not.

In case of
unfavourable decisionof the Voivodship Commission the victim as well as hospital are entitled to lodge an appeal. Within 14 days of receipt of the decision together with the judgment party has to submit an application for a retrial. This request shall be submitted to the Voivodship Commission. Commission has 30 days to reconsider the dispute. The request for reconsideration is not subject to a fee.


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