Our Clients operate in various industries and sectors. Every day they face different problems. Therefore, we get to know the specific nature of Client’s business. This approach – jointly with our commitment – enables us to effectively advise our Clients, while ensuring the highest quality of our service. We offer professional support in particular in following areas:


Law of Commercial Companies

establishing commercial entities (companies, associations, foundations) and assuring comprehensive legal assistance

corporate acts (e.g. memorandum and articles of association, bylaws and resolutions of the Management Board, Supervisory Board)

shareholders meetings and general assemblies – conducting meetings, representation (as a proxy) of a particular partner or shareholder

reviewing selected aspects of business as regards compliance procedures  and corporate requirements (due diligence)

merger, division and transformation of the company – strategic planning of capital structures and comprehensive conducting the entire transaction

changes in the ownership structure

security of personal risks of shareholders and members of the bodies


representation in civil proceedings, including compensation disputes, disputes concerning penalties for non-performance or improper performance of contracts, labor law and related to the participation in commercial companies

bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings

proceedings before the courts of arbitration

Contract law

preparation and analysis of contracts, including those of the strategic importance for the company

negotiating contracts on behalf of the Client

general terms and conditions – preparation, analysis and implementation

comprehensive support for the process of the purchase or sale of real estate (including checking the legal status of a property)

Labor law

preparation and analysis of internal documents relating to employment law (including employment contracts, non-competition clauses and improvement of professional qualifications agreement as well as work and remuneration regulations)

comprehensive consultancy on current issues related to labor law

consultancy relating to trade unions – including collective disputes

Administrative Law

representation in administrative proceedings – including obtaining permits and licenses

disputes with public authorities – including appealing against administrative decisions

representation before administrative courts (county administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court)


Public procurement law

representation before the Public Procurement Office, the National Chamber of Commerce and courts

comprehensive advice and representation at each stage of the procurement procedure – both for the economic operators and the contracting authorities


Medical Law


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