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We understand that the most important factor is the individual approach to every case. To understand Client’s need is a key importance for us. We understand yhe importance of careful and dilligent analysis of a legal chalnege Client is facing. We guarantee our full commitment to each case and proper communication.


We are fully aware of special needs of our international Clients. Ongoing globalization and communication systems development create situations when citizens of the world look for legal support in Poland. We understand how difficult it is to find the correct way through a maze of incomprehensible rules and regulations. Thus, we would be happy to find the right path for you, disregard of the area of Polish law applying to your specific situation.


For individual Clients, we offer legal assistance in the following areas:


Court proceedings – litigation:

compensations: damage to property and personal injury

disputes due to fullfilment of agreements with contractors and with the real estate trading

disputes arising in connection with the agreement’s performance

enforcement proceedings

inheritance proceedings


Family law:

divorce and division of property after divorce

child custody, child visitation

international family law

legal assistance in case of child abduction



Real estate law:

verification, preparation of drafts and agreements

negotiating agreements with contractors and other agreements such as sales agreements and preliminary agreements

audit of the legal status of the real estate


Administrative law:

appeals, complaints and litigation in administrative proceedings

proceedings before public administration bodies

legalization of foreigners’ stay in the territory of Poland (residence permit, work permit, allowance to purchase a property by an non-EU member)


Law of succession and inheritance:

legal assistance for preparation of a Last Will and Testament

inheritance proceedings

proceedings for division of inheritance


Medical law


If you are not sure whether we could assist you with your specific case, please contact us. We will reply to every single question.







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